Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation

for the Idea Cup 2018 of University of Konstanz and HTWG Konstanz.

What is the Idea Cup about?

The Idea Cup is a local idea contest of University of Konstanz and HTWG Konstanz, which is to encourage the discussion about founding and start-ups as an alternative career path. Sensitisation by an idea contest is the focus of the joint start-up intiative Kilometer 1 of both universities. The prize for the winner team of the idea contest is a trip (flight, accomodation, sightseeing pogramme) to Silicon Valley in California.

Who may participate?

Students and doctoral candidates of both University of Konstanz and HTWG Konstanz – as a single person or in an team – are allowed to participate and to submit an idea. Participants must be enrolled at one of the two universities for winter semester 2017/18 as well as for summer semester 2018.

When and for how long is participation possible?

Submitting  an idea is only possible through the website of Kilometer1 for a limited time period.  Web forms of Stufe 1, Stufe 2 and the form to register further team members are accessible there. Submission for the Idea Cup 2018 is possible until May, 15th, 2018, 11:59 PM (CET/MEZ). As verification of a submission a confirmation email will be sent to the team leader for every of the stages.  Requirement for participating in the contest thus the chance of winning the trip is to have both forms filled out by the team leader and to have ALL FURTHER team members (except the team leader) registered separately for the idea. In case that a team has filled out and submitted the form of Stufe 1 with the required data already until January, 15th, 2018 it will receive a suprise gift in spring 2018.

How many participants are allowed to work on a project and what is the team speaker up to?

Single persons (individual submission) or teams are allowed to participate. A team may consist of up to four persons. Every team of two or more persons has a team leader who is responsible for submission and submits Stufe 1 and Stufe 2. In addition he or she has to inform all team members about the status of the submission process and urge them to register as well for the idea via Only one submission is allowed per person thus participating is only possible within one idea project whereby multiple submissions as a single person as well as within further teams are not permitted.

Who may join the trip?

Provided that the idea has been selected by the jury, persons who have registered as a team member for a submitted idea are going to win.

What is happening in the case of multiple sumbissions?

In case of multiple submissions only the submission for which the concerning person has registered first for will be considered. The date of submission serves as the sole criteria in this case.

Which kind of ideas may be submitted?

In the Idea Cup participants choose their ideas on their own. Clusters of topics are not dictated. Whether an idea meets the criteria of the contest is followed by the fact that the respective required entries can be made in the two forms. Also the idea has to be based on an orginal idea means it has to be self developed or developed in a team respectively.  Within participation in the contest it is not permittet to  infringe against any applicable law. For projects including animals or plants, animal-, nature- and species protection laws applicable in Germany have to be sticked to accurately. Moreover ideas which

  • glorify violence,
  • are to develop or improve weapons,
  • contain a risk of injury for particpants or third parties

are not permittet.

How is the contest procedure?

An independent jury will evaluate the submitted ideas by using a criteria catalogue. The allocation of the places for the study trip to SIlicon Valley will be done in accordance with the resulting ranking.  The jurys’ decision is not revisable and no recourse to legal action is permittet.

How will I find out whether I or my team won?

To this we will send an email to the particpants in June 2018.

What will happen if I win the trip?

At first formalities have to be covered (e.g. visa applications). For that every prizewinner is responsible on him- or herself. Please note that there is no legal right concerning the trip, especially if there are reasons existing making it impossible for the prizewinner to enter the United States of America.  Kilometer 1 will not bear any costs incurred for visa application. It is also planned that the winning ideas will be presented to an appropriate audiance by the prizewinners (presumably Ideas & Cheers in the second half of June 2018).  In addition there will be at least one event with further information concerning the trip and its procedure which is obligatory. In order to participate in the trip attending to those events is required therefore.

Data protection!?

Participants declare to agree that Kilometer 1 stores the data for the purpose of executing the idea contest. Personal data will be deleted after the trip has been carried out. In case participants do not agree to storing of the data they can withdraw the agreement to store the data at any time however participating in the trip is no longer possible in this case. Please address the objection to the project management of Kilometer 1 ( The data will not be forwarded to third parties.

Legal rights and exclusions

There is no legal right to participate in the contest. In case of not complying with the conditions of participation the project management of Kilometer 1 in charge may exclude an idea even after submitting to the contest or respectively after the prizewinners have been announced. No recourse to legal action is permittet with regard to winning the trip.

Dated: November 2017