Facilities and infrastructure

facilities and infrastructure

For students of HTWG Konstanz

The Open Innovation Lab Konstanz (OIL) is a cross-faculty lab at HTWG Konstanz which can be used university-wide. On the one hand  OIL is inspired by “Makerspaces” and “Fablabs”, modern Do-It-Yourself workshops with public access where creative and new products can be developed, tested and produced by use of digital tools and on the other hand by “Innovation rooms” from larger companies in which innovations can quickly developed into a marketable commodity by using Design-Thinking-Methods and Rapid-Prototyping.  Interdisciplinary collaboration of students, lecturers and researchers of all university departments is considered to be a key element. The OIL is not to be understood as a workshop but as a “Innovation Pool” where new products can be invented and developed.

Source: Open Innovation Lab at HTWG Konstanz