Founding support

Lectures as part of the key competencies (Schlüsselqualifikationen) at the University of Konstanz and Studium Generale at HTWG Konstanz are basically available for students from both University of Konstanz and HTWG. Nine fields of action have been identified in this context which we consider to be important for entrepeneurship in a creative manner. In the tab Lectures & Workshops you can find them bundled for an easier orientation within the wide range of lectures.  We are giving our best to succeed in having all lectures available for students of both University of Konstanz and HTWG Konstanz however due to several reasons some can only be attended by parts of you. We are working on improving it!

Additionally students of University of Konstanz are able to report their interests and competencies aquired in lectures attended within the Competence Portfolio Campus & Career. A potential benefit for future applications in terms of intrapeneurship. If you are interested please contact the team of the Career Service of University of Konstanz to arrange an appointment beforehand.