Kilometer1 is the joint start-up initiative of the University of Konstanz and the HTWG Konstanz. Our mission is to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit and the culture of entrepreneurship at the two universities and to help you to realize and implement your ideas.

It doesn’t matter whether you are already looking for a startup or whether you would like to inform you about founding a startup – at Kilometer 1 you are exactly right!

We keep you up to date about the latest events. Furthermore, Kilometer1 serves as a platform to give students the opportunity to network with other start-up enthusiasts.

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Kilometer1 addresses all students who are seeking for founding a start-up or such students who are generally interested in entrepreneurship.

During your studies it is the perfect time to start a start-up. Kilometer1 would like to encourage and support you in the best possible way.

The support of Kilometer1 covers “sensibilisieren” (sensitize), “stärken” (boost) and “experimentieren (experiment). This means:

Initial consultation on your start-up project as well as advice on applying for funding such as the “EXIST Gründerstipendium”

Building capabilities
Offering and creating new courses and workshops

The event series “Ideas & Cheers”, the “Gründertag Konstanz” and other offered events are perfect networking opportunities and always a good starting point to get in touch with other enthusiasts and start-ups


As a highlight, we will travel to the Silicon Valley. Up to 12 winners of the idea competition “Idea Cup 2018” get the possibility to join the trip. Yes, you got it right, we travel to the famous Silicon Valley, the dream of every entrepreneur worldwide. Check it out, what we are planning there.